4 Things to Do After the Job Interview

So you rocked your job interview. You went in on time, you dressed sharp, you were prepared and you felt confident with your answers.  So, now your work is done….not so fast! The interview was only the beginning. In today’s hypercompetitive job market an effective follow-up is a must after an interview.  This is your last opportunity to sell yourself by reiterating your interest without seeming too pushy. Here are some tips on post-interview etiquette to make you stand out and really make certain that you ROCK the whole process.

  1. Send a thank-you note: After the interview, ask the employer for a business card and send a thank-you note within 24 hours after the interview.  The note should be brief, friendly and conversational and reinforce your interest in the job and add any relevant details about your qualifications.  Thank-you notes can be either mailed or emailed.  Email is faster, but mail makes a bigger impression.
  2. Review the questions you were asked in the interview: In every interview there may be some questions that you stumbled on, or perhaps you felt your answers were weak.   Write these questions down so you can practice better answers for future interviews.  Practice Makes Perfect!
  3. Don’t Stop Your Job Search: Whatever you do, don’t stop applying for other jobs while waiting to hear back.  No matter how great the interview went, or how well you clicked with the hiring manager, there is still a chance you won’t receive an offer. Until you have an official job offer, keep your job search in high gear.
  4. Follow-up: It is good to follow-up with people who are supporting your job search after your interview and thank-you note. (i.e. staffing firm specialists, friends/acquaintances who refer you for jobs).   Stay connected with them   on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but resist the temptation to continuously follow-up, pesterer call them.
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