“We started using FrankCrum Staffing a little over a year ago when our business grew rapidly and I did not have the time to interview each applicant. I called and talked to Rachael in their office and she took the time to get to know myself and my company, which is so important. Each time they have sent an appropriate applicant that was pre-qualified to do exactly what we needed for our business without me having to take time out of my day to interview. Their staff is polite, professional and very dedicated to their clients and I would recommend them to any business owner that needs an employee for their company.”

Becky Housh – Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.

“My husband and I moved to the St. Petersburg area last year. I had a really hard time finding a suitable job, and was getting very discouraged. After six months of scraping by, I was contacted by FrankCrum. They saw my resume online and had a position in mind. I was asked to register, met with a specialist, and had an interview all in the same day! The following day I received an offer. I have been with this company since, and could not be happier! Every day is challenging, and I can go home with a feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the wonderful work family I have gained! Without FrankCrum, this opportunity would not exist. Thank you so much for placing me in the perfect position!”

Marli Oberholzer

“I have been working with FrankCrum staffing for almost four years. They placed me in the position I am in now from a temp to hire Office Manager. Our Manufacturing Operation” is always looking for someone with the skill set for our shop. It is reassuring picking up the phone, telling them our current needs and them sending out the right candidate. The FrankCrum Staffing is an agency that I would highly recommend.”

Jeanette Beital

“I was searching for a job for a few months until I was contacted by FrankCrum. They did an excellent job reviewing my background and selected a candidate that directly fits and relates with two of the jobs I had previously. They were thorough in their questioning of what my expectations are and what I am looking for in our meeting before I went to my actual job interview with the company. This was great since I wouldn’t have to waste time interviewing if me or the candidate decided we were not a good fit for each other. I have been with the company now for a month or so and I am happy with the decision I made to switch to a job where I utilize all of my previous work experience. All in all, FrankCrum helped me in achieving a goal I set out for myself and I am grateful.”

Alana Dergham – Actron Entities, Inc.

“I applied with FrankCrum back in the fall of 2013 after moving to the Tampa/Clearwater area. I came to them with a Master’s degree in Human Resources, but I had no experience in the field to back it up, which made it very hard to find a job by applying through a company’s website. Within a few weeks of meeting with the staff at FrankCrum, I was presented with the perfect job opportunity that would give me the experience I needed. I have been working on my current assignment for the past 6 months and have enjoyed the experience immensely, and I have learned a great deal. I started out working in the HR office assisting with day to day functions, and was recently “promoted” to work directly for the Director of HR for North America. FrankCrum has been there for me to answer any questions/issues I have had. I will be ending my assignment shortly for maternity leave, but once I am ready to return to work, FrankCrum will be the first place I contact.”

Michelle Hagins

“I have been working with FrankCrum for a few years now. They have always sent very good people. They always get the job done. Their office staff is very helpful. They answer our questions right away and they even check to see how their people are doing. Their office people are very nice and they get people fast. I would highly recommend them.”

Doug Kingsley – Kingsley Displays

“I have been a personal client of FrankCrum Staffing, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always available for questions. They placed me as a Temp for my company, and I was later hired as a permanent employee. Now I am the Manager of Customer Service and use FrankCrum for all our Temp needs in Customer Service and Sales. They have been very attentive to our needs, and have found us excellent personnel.”

Debbie Logerquist – IT University Online

“I always look forward to returning to Florida to race, because the FrankCrum Staffing team is always so knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone is so nice and on one occasion the Area Manager for the company even offered to deliver a check to me on her way home. This is a great team that always goes above and beyond to provide excellent service.”

Robert Guciardo – Horse Trainer