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Flexible assignment options to suit your needs and schedule.

The way people look at work has changed, and so has the way companies hire. Many of the people we talk to are looking for jobs that allow them to work shorter assignments or have other types of flexibility built in. And, in turn, many hiring managers are looking at their bottom line and staffing up or down based on seasonal and market changes. Only you can decide what type of assignment works best for you, and that may change at different times in your career. FrankCrum Staffing allows you to choose from a variety of options.

Our service offerings include:

Contract: What is often called temporary, we refer to as “contract,” because it shows a better understanding of skills and interests. Many candidates prefer a series of contract assignments so they can use their skills in just the right setting, and often gain more skills on the job. They also enjoy working in a number of industries and settings. Assignments can be long or short, depending on the position, and you’re a FrankCrum Staffing employee during your assignment, with access to benefits.
Contract-to-hire: This is a great way to get your foot in the door to see if you like the position and your employer. Here’s how it works:
  • You are on the FrankCrum Staffing payroll during the pre-agreed term of the assignment, and can be eligible for benefits.
  • The term is usually 13 weeks, and then the employer can, but is not required to, convert you to direct hire (permanent) status.
  • Direct hire (permanent placement): When the candidate and hiring manager are in agreement that a direct hire is the best solution, we’ll work with both of you through our screening, assessment and support processes.