Support services that can move you to the front of the hiring line.

Our role is to find and match good people with great opportunities, but often candidates would like some help in presenting themselves more successfully.

There’s so much more to finding the right job than picking a position title on a job board and sending out resume after resume. Let’s talk about a better way to help you land the job you really want.


Our service offerings include:

Resume review: Your resume is often the first impression you make on the hiring manager, so we want it to stay at the top of the stack. We’ll take a close look at your resume to help you tell your story more convincingly. If you need help writing your resume, we can do that as well.

One-on-one coaching for interviews: Often, hiring managers decide whether a candidate is suitable within the first minute of the interview, so we’ll coach you on how to make that minute (as well as the rest of your interview) count.

Testing: For skilled positions that require a certain level of proficiency, such as typing and data entry, we’ll set up tests for you right in our office to assess your skills.

Training: If your current skills don’t meet hiring manager requirements, for example with software programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite, we’ll arrange for training you can take either in our office or at your home.