Sure, it’s a hiring decision. But it needs to be a smart business decision as well.

There’s no one better at running your business than you, so why not stick to what you do best? Hiring staff is an investment in your company’s growth and we treat it that way. And if your HR people are already wearing too many hats, we can save you — and them — time and money so you’ll have more time to serve your customers. FrankCrum Staffing can save you time, money and wasted effort.


Join Talent Connection

As a hiring manager, you can join our exclusive Talent Connection program. Give us some criteria to be matched with our candidate database and we’ll email you information about available candidates.

Gain Access to Valuable Service Offerings

When you combine our industry contacts with our special software, you gain access to information that helps you make the smartest hiring decisions.

Calculate Employee Turnover

An important issue facing businesses is finding and keeping good people. The cost associated with employee turnover and recruiting could be costing your business more than it should.