We don’t leave you after the candidate is hired.

Often the recruitment process is like a courtship that may leave you with a problematic relationship afterward. At FrankCrum Staffing, we know our relationship with you needs to cover the good times and the difficult times.

We offer you a wide range of Human Resources support services to make the good times even better and minimize the impact of the more difficult times.

Our service offerings include:

  • Review and evaluation best practices
  • Hard skill and soft skill training assistance
  • Coaching
  • Employee engagement
  • Corrective action processes
  • Termination

We also provide services in two additional areas:

Payrolling: We offer payroll services for contract positions even if we did not place the contract employee with you.

Outplacement: We advise you on how to announce downsizing, offers to move and other difficult situations, and help you develop an outplacement program to assist employees in transitioning to their next position.