Your success is in our process.

Doing it right means doing it that way all day, every day; and that’s why we’ve developed a thorough – and thoroughly effective — recruitment process that supports you from beginning to end.

The recruitment process at FrankCrum Staffing is second to none. The outcome for hiring managers is a consistently high quality candidate pool, presented in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner. We’re proud of the fact that our specialists and managers are salaried rather than commissioned, so you can rely on them to present the best candidates every time.

Did you know sometimes the job is wrong, not just the person you hired? From the beginning, FrankCrum Staffing specialists advise you on the type of position you really need, the qualifications you should require and the salary range that will get you the best person within your budget. We’ll even help you write job descriptions.

Then we’ll find the best candidates, assess their skills, screen them to offer you the best choices and even help you brush up on your interviewing skills. That’s all part of our job.


Here’s how our process works:

Electronic search and personally connected talent network: Combining our electronic search capabilities with attendance at job fairs, contacts with colleges, trade, technical and professional training organizations, we spread a wide net to identify candidates that meet your requirements. But that’s just the beginning.

Review and telephone screening: After we review the candidate’s resume and application form, we also conduct a telephone interview. This includes asking behavioral and motivational questions that allow us to understand the candidate’s goals and how well they might mesh with your corporate values and culture.

Skills assessment: For positions requiring specific skills, such as proficiency in specific software programs, we perform skill assessments to identify each candidate’s level of familiarity and proficiency. When there is a shortage of skilled candidates, we also provide tutorials to help them develop their skills to the level you require.

Personal interviews: We interview all candidates one-on-one, whether in person or virtually. This provides us with insights into their career objectives, work ethic and other intangibles that may not have been readily apparent during earlier screening steps.

Background checks: At FrankCrum Staffing, we conduct a minimum of two reference checks with previous employers, as well as criminal background checks on all prospective new hires. Upon request, we also conduct additional screenings such as drug testing, credit checks and a motor vehicle records check.

Hiring paperwork: Once the applicant has passed all the screening and testing steps and you have made an offer that has been accepted, we prepare hiring paperwork including I-9s, W-4s and other government requirements. We also discuss reviews and any other internal procedures you would like us to take care of.