Learn How to Create a Stand Out Resume

Learn How to Create a Stand-Out Resume

Competition for jobs remains fierce and recruiters review hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes each week. Take a deep breath and slowly count to six. That is the average time a recruiter spends reviewing one resume.

What’s a job seeker to do? Research reports that some resumes capture up to 6 minutes of a Recruiter’s attention! Surprised? Well organized, easy to read resumes consistently receive more attention. Review the following 6 tips to create a resume that gets you noticed.

Keep it Simple
  • Use bullet points
  • Font Style & Size: Use only 2 font styles and sizes, and use both consistently
  • Margins: ½ inch margins are the minimum
  • Number of Pages: 2 pages maximum (exceptions: scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
Include ALL the Basics
  • Full name: First name, middle name or middle initial, last name
  • Address: Street address, city, state, zip code
  • Phone number: Set-up voicemail to accept calls with a polite message
  • Email: Use an Email address that is your name – not a nickname or ‘handle’
Create Sections
  • Skill Sets: List software skills, typing and data entry speeds, industry specific skills such as: MIG/TIG welding
  • Employment Experience: Most recent employer first, include:
    • Company Name & City, State
    • Job Title & Dates of Employment
    • Responsibilities / Achievements & Awards
  • Education / Certifications / Licenses: Include names, degrees; when applicable include certifications and professional or technical licenses with expiration dates
  • Professional Associations / Professional Volunteer Activities: Include those that are job or work related; personal interests and personal volunteer activities are not job related and do not belong on a resume
Too Much? — Too Little?
  • Career Objective: Some statements eliminate candidates when the statement is not related to a job
  • Dates: 10 years of job history is generally sufficient
  • Education: Omit graduation dates – they are rarely relevant
  • Gaps in Employment – Temporary Work – Reasons for Leaving: Briefly explain gaps in employment, note temporary work assignments to clarify you weren’t job hopping
Mistakes Happen – Trust Us!
  • Use Spell Check – need we say more?
  • Ask a friend to dial the phone number printed on your resume – yes, seriously!
  • Check all dates – number errors are among the most frequent typographical errors
Join the 21st Century
  • Keywords: Incorporate keywords into your work experience – find keywords in advertised job descriptions
  • Mobile applications: Currently, resumes are NOT sent with mobile applications; recruiters will only see candidate answers to mobile application questions
  • Social Media: Resumes are routinely checked against online profile information – make sure your resume is consistent with your online profile(s)

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