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Superheroes and the Power of Thank You!

thankyou-imageShortly after coming on board into my current role with FrankCrum Staffing, I had the pleasure of meeting with the COO of one of our larger staffing customers.   He explained to me that over the course of the last six months our team of recruiters had done a tremendous job in finding him the right people who fit their culture and were helping the company achieve great results.  Most of the desks just outside his office had been filled by my team.  Thank you! He said.   Boom! Wonderful.  Love this kind of customer meeting.  “BUT”, he said……..

Those of us in client facing roles know all too well the danger of the word “But” coming out of your client’s mouth.  My stomach tightened and I prepared for the worst.

“Can you do me a favor going forward?  Can you take the time to say thank you to the folks you’ve placed with us?  They’ve worked hard, they get here on time every day, and they represent your company to the best of their ability.  That deserves a thank you in my book.” he said.

Then, picking up his phone he quickly asked his assistant to please bring Lydia (not her real name, but she is real, I promise!) into his office.  Lydia had just converted to their payroll as a full time employee that Monday.   As she walked in he stood up and introduced me, “Lydia, this is Todd from FrankCrum Staffing.  He’s their Director of Operations and he is here to congratulate you and say thank you for all of your hard work.”

As I reached out to shake her hand, I noticed the tears welling up in her eyes.  She was so grateful for the opportunity, for the job, for all that we had done for her.  For all that we had done for her.

That was a humbling moment, a powerful moment.   This single mom with kids, who had driven through Florida rain storms and terrible traffic, juggled school projects and kids with the flu, was thanking me.

It’s easy for us as professional recruiters to see ourselves as the Superhero in the adventure story that is the modern employment process.  Certainly when we have placed that perfect candidate we deserve some credit.

But there is another side to the story, another person who played a critical part in giving the story a happy ending, the person who really rescued the day. The candidate or employee who performs despite the daily obstacles of family, transportation, expenses, schedules, sickness, and the millions of other obstacles that an individual can encounter in a typical day.  

 You see, saying thank you to these Superheroes is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do for your business.